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You know how people say "I'm living a lie."?
Mine is more like, "I'm dreaming of a life."
It's kinda funny but it's also very difficult for me.
I have many talents. Major ones are as explained:
My first one was actually singing.
My mother said when I was super super small I would sing.
Although it was only three notes over and over.
I still sang.
Na na na. Na na na. Na na na.
Middle, High, then a lower note then the first.
When I became older I had a very vivid imagination.
In the car when I looked out the window I saw a horse.
Sometimes it had wings and sometimes it didn't.
It ran right beside me, a little far off, and sometimes in the wind.
There didn't have to be music.
He was just there. A white horse.
I still catch him at times, here and there, in only a glance.
A white blur or a noise.
He's still running life with me as if to remind me that I'm not alone.
I then started sports. Track, soccer, volleyball, soccer, track.
That's all I did and I was good at it.
But, I became injured. Then I had to stop playing soccer.
Track was harder. There was so much twisting and bounding needed...
I ended up becoming worse in the end and ruining my injured feet even more.
Art has always been with me. I enjoy it because,
No one dares to define art.
It's anything and everything.
I think everyone has a talent in it.
Even though this may be the case, there are areas in art that many can't obtain.
Mine is in my eyes and in my hands. I can draw what I see.

Music, imagination, athletics, and art....I'm not grasping anything but a dream.
These all work though education and money.
School and I don't do well however I love learning.
Stress and I don't do well but it will always be there.
I expected everything and wished to be unique.
I have nothing rare, except myself; I seem to be fading too though.

Eottoke? Naneun...eottoke?


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