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We've never seen each other's eyes glimmer in the noonday sun.
We've never felt the touch of each other nor hear the laughing.
We've seen each other only in pictures.
We've never heard our names spoken by each other.
We've exchanged words by message.
We've said I'm sorry to each other on occasions.
But, have you thought of me when your going along your day?
Have you remembered a joke I've told you and laugh?
Have you wondered what I'm like in person and what my voice is like?
Have you hesitated about if I really enjoy your company?
Have you ever thought of us meeting?
Have you saw a picture of me and smiled?
Have you wondered if I actually care for you?
Have you been curious to if I think of you?
I get goosebumps just thinking of you.
Yes, I'm scared of so many things.
I hesitate to want to think of you like I do.
I worry if you would like me as I am.
I'm frightened we'll lose sight of each other.
I don't want to lose you even if it's only by message.
Your friendship feels sincere and comfortable.
You tell me not to worry when you're hurt.
Why is it so hard to get you off my mind then?
It's been so long since I heard a love song.
Why do I vision you when the piano plays?
Do you know? Are you feeling it?
I want to be better for you.
You are the first who's made me actually begin to change.
Change from who I've masked myself as.
I feel I'm able to show myself to the world now.
Because your kindness and words give me strength.
The many things we have in common excite me.
Boy, will you think of me?
I don't mind if we start off slow.
I want to hear your voice forever.
I want to see your photography work your so proud of.
I want to offer a chest for when your weary and pained.
I want you to succeed and achieve your dreams.
I want to share the most happiest moments with you.
Maybe even watch a cheesy movie while eating marshmallows.
Workout, cry, dance, and sing with you.
Go on a picnic and take pictures of each other.
I want to run my fingers though your hair.
I want to tickle your eyelashes as you doze off.
Spend Christmas and the first snow together.
Boy, can we?
Can we tease each other and wrestle?
Can we exchange letters that have little words and tons of doodles?
Can we run from the bee's we accidently bothered and scream?
Can we chop and stack wood during the fall season?
Can we cook up a common lunch and add crazy things to it?
And well have others eat it if it turned out weird.
Can we go shopping together and help each other's style?
Can we ride a carousel and remember our younger years?
Can we make a wish together and keep it a firm secret?
Can we stay together as the wish comes true?
Can we call each other after a day together to make sure we made it home okay?
Can we study and encourage each other as we go to college?
Can we slack off and procrastinate together as well?
It's been so long since I felt like this.
I don't know what to do; I just want to be with you.


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