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Head to Heart and Back
He's over seas.I've never met him in person.
We've talked for a a few months. Shared personal stories and funny stories.
We've seen pictures of each other too. Helped each other with Korean and English because he is Korean and I'm American.
He thinks I'm cute, but I've also only showed him good pictures of myself.
I stayed up talking with him because when its night in my time, it's day in his. Anyways, we talked the whole night. He spoke to me when he was at the university. Spoke to me when he was with his friends. Called me back when he was working out.
I don't think he's really attractive but I'm addicted to his voice, his laugh, the way he talks, and everything else~
My mind is saying I shouldn't because of his looks, however, my heart is totally opposite. It's never been this way before and I'm confused.
I want him to hold me in his arms and caress my cheek when I do something that makes me shy. I want to be amazing for him. I want to be my best for him. My head is driving me up a wall. I always look at the hot, sexy, and cute guys...but he is different. Is this what it's like to look under the mask to find beauty?
To close the eyes and let heart take control? I want to do that.
I think, no, I know I like him. He is shy because of his looks. I know that already. He told me in many ways. I told him I'm not perfect and he thinks I am. I'm worried if I shared my scared past time, harsh memories, and my imperfect self, that he will stop caring for me.
Then again. if he does that then...
It's not love.


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