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Taemin is not here.
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Taemin vs. Obese

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Ah, Jonghyun~ <3
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Life is hard.


The only thing that bring comfort is music.


I would like to believe I will be okay...
But, I feel alone even when
I am surrounded.

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She finally stepped up to the counter and reached for the phone. Her mind was unsure on what to say and her confidence was low in how she could handle the situation. When the voice answered she replied and agreed to the information on when and where it would be held. Money would have been a problem if it was for something other then what she was doing.

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Is there a difference between what I want to do and what I'm fated to do?
They feel alike.
How do I know what path to take?
Is it in my heart? In my mind?
My soul?
I haven't met someone who will push me in either direction.
As of this moment I feel unconnected to the world.
I'm invisible and unnoticed.
Maybe I'm hiding my talents a bit too deep.
Worried that I could hurt another if I surface.
The pain is hard to bear but I've been successful since I recognized.
Now, I need to know now.
Brighten the world somehow with a talent that could be polished.
I'm frightened to change the image I've created around others.
Will I be hated?
Even though I don't know what I will offend by.
Everytime I move. I want.
Everytime I sing. I want.
Everytime I hear. Same.
But, a voice is hollering from a distance.
To do it because I'm someone who can.
So far, I've been ignoring it.
Putting it in the backspace of my mind.
Only able to release when alone.
Oh, how amazing it feels to let go of the pressured feeling.


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